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A big part of Drawdown Alberta’s mission is to help educate and inspire Albertans to be in action around positive climate change solutions.

The Drawdown Alberta Wiki provides research related to Project Drawdown Solutions relevant to Alberta.

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How can we retrofit existing buildings and create new buildings to minimize energy use? How can we stop other, on-site sources of emissions?
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How can we generate electricity for the whole world without burning fossil fuels? How do the means of transmitting, storing, and using electricity need to evolve?
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Engineered Sinks

Beyond natural processes, how can we remove carbon from the atmosphere? In what ways can we use removed carbon, so that it remains stored?
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    Food, Agriculture and Land Use

    How can we reduce the pressures on ecosystems and land, while meeting the growing demand for food worldwide? How can we decrease emissions from agriculture and forestry?
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    Health and Education

    What are the planetary ripple effects of efforts to advance equality and ensure fundamental human rights?
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    How can we improve industrial processes and materials produced? How can industry make use of waste and move toward flows of substances that are efficient and circular?
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    Land Sinks

    How can we help sequester more carbon in biomass and soil? What can we do to support and enhance natural processes, including the capacity of land to renew?
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    How can we support the social good of mobility, but end its dependence on petroleum? In what ways do vehicles, infrastructure, and operations need to change to eliminate transportation emissions?
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